Summer is quickly approaching! With the brighter weather and our longer days, it’s so important to protect your skin, not only from a sunburn, but from aging as well.

When choosing a sunscreen, you want to consider several things…  

Broad Spectrum is what you want to be looking for when choosing your SPF. This is complete protection against both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays cause aging, by breaking down the collagen in your skin. UVB rays cause burning, and we all know how awful a terrible sunburn can be! Your SPF strength can vary depending on your day to day life. If you’re someone that is mainly indoors, a SPF of 30 should work great for you. If you are someone who is often in direct sunlight or spends a lot of time out on the water in the summer, you will want to wear at least an SPF of 50.

You will also want to choose between a physical or chemical sunscreen.  

Physical or mineral sunscreen (made with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) sits on top of our skin and deflects UV rays, while chemical sunscreens (made with ingredients like oxybenzone or avobenzone) work by absorbing the UV rays. There are also options for water resistant sunscreens as well. If you’re out in the sun and water, you should re-apply every couple of hours or as directed.

Tinted sunscreens are one of my all-time favorite products.  

It keeps your skin protected while giving you a little bit of color. If you’re like me I have been trying to minimize the amount of makeup I wear these days and a tinted sunscreen gives you that protection with a little bit of coverage.

SPF is the shield to protect your skin, before it can cause any harm. 

I use an SPF every day, even when I’m not necessarily going to be outside. Looking back when I was younger, I cringe at how careless I was towards my skin. Now that I am quickly approaching 40, taking care of my skin has become my number one priority!

If you don’t already have an SPF in your daily skin care routine, we would love to help you find the best one for your lifestyle. I have several go to SPF’s that I am using right now. Feel free to DM us on Instagram and I can share them with you. Also, you can always schedule a complementary skincare consult with one of our estheticians and they can help you navigate through all of our amazing products.




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